Phuket 5-star rooms near Kata Beach for US$79 per night

149242_14071516400020278965Phuket itself is a tropical wonderland offering views of a lifetime with activities to match. What some people may not know however, is that Phuket is essentially divided into different sections, each catering to different crowds. If you love the beach, but also want to stay nestled slightly away, you’ll fall in love with the Kata Beach area, arguably one of the most popular sections of Phuket.

Great for those who want to be close to town, yet would still like to find activities and amenities inside a resort’s bounds, the Avista Phuket Resort & Spa, Kata Beach offers pretty much everything you could want or need- even a Kids Club for traveling families. You’ll also find that it is very budget friendly, especially when compared to other 5-star resorts in the area. In fact, you can find rooms starting at just US$79 per night for two people.

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Phuket 5-star rooms near Patong Beach for US$91 per night

298616_13021516060010360416Serving as a beautiful tropical vacation destination, Phuket attracts visitors from around the world, with most seeking out resorts that offer the best of the best (or near to) at a great price. This causes a lot of competition between resorts and hotels as each vies for a potential guest’s attention.

Located in the popular Patong area and situated just south of Patong Beach and only a few minutes away from town and all its action, the Avista Hideaway Resort & Spa is a great choice for those seeking both a family friendly and budget friendly 5-star resort with rooms starting at only US$91 per night for two people.

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Phuket 5-star rooms with mini bar for US$105 per night

10904_14072613530020502987It’s hard not to visit beautiful Phuket when on a trip to southern Thailand. Here you’ll find a tropical paradise complete with beaches, snorkeling, hiking, a party scene, spas, golf courses and great food. You’ll also find that parts of Phuket are different from the next with some offering a relaxing, private stay and others filled with crowds, parties and activities galore. If you’re looking for a little of both, the popular Kata area might just be the right fit.

Resorts here cater to all types of travelers and offer lots of activity and amenity choices. One of these resorts is the Katathani Phuket Beach Resort. Here, guests will find lots to do and see with rooms that offer a luxury stay at a fraction of the cost. In fact, 5-star rooms here start off at only US$105 per night for two people, making it a great choice for budget travelers.

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Best 5-star Phuket resorts for golfers

main-jetskisThough Phuket Island is known for resorts catering to their guests’ every need with spas, fitness centers, cooking classes and an endless array of available nearby outdoor activities, there is still one thing that most resorts are missing- the internationally famous game of golf.

However, there are a few select 5-star luxury Phuket resorts that either have some form of golf within the resorts bounds or a conveniently placed golf club nearby. These resorts also have other activities on-site, great for traveling groups who may have a few members wishing to sit out on a golf game or two.

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Phuket 5-star rooms with granite countertops for US$108 per night

399583_15030415330025791119Located in the southern region of Thailand, Phuket, surrounded by tropical beauty and beautiful ocean, serves as one of the most popular vacation destinations in the area. With that said, there are ‘mini’ regions within Phuket that more or less attract different types of travelers. The Bang Thao/Laguna area, with beautiful white sand beaches and mountain backdrops, attracts both couples and families with family friendly resorts that also cater to those looking for a romantic and private vacation.

One of those resorts is the Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort located in the Laguna Phuket complex. Offering suites inspired to look like homes at budget friendly prices, guests will find that a 5-star stay doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg. In fact, rooms here start off at only US$108 per night for two people.

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Phuket 5-star rooms with both indoor and outdoor showers for US$80 per night

335179_15031012160025950141Travelers love Phuket and for good reason. With an assortment of beautiful beaches, cliffs, hillsides and ocean activities, it truly is a tropical paradise. Due to its immense popularity, resorts and hotels have sprung up in every which direction, with each vying for your attention. This can make choosing which resort is best for you a rather big decision.

If you’re looking for luxury on a dime, then you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at the Santhiya Koh Yao Yai Resort and Spa. This 5-star resort, located on a private island just outside of Phuket, offers budget friendly prices starting at only US$80 per night for two people.Continue Reading

Phuket 5-star rooms with outdoor showers for US$107 per night

10902_14020517330018256952As a vacation hot spot for travelers from around the world, Thailand sees its fare share of visitors. The southern region of Thailand, home to Phuket, is one of the most talked about destinations in the country, attracting visitors of every budget range. Due to this, you’ll find that there is an incredibly large number of resorts and hotels to choose from, which can make the decision of where to stay a difficult one at best.

In addition to hotels and ‘regular’ resorts, there is a good amount of luxury resorts to choose from. For those seeking luxury on a dime, you’ll find exactly that at the Moevenpick Resort & Spa Karon Beach, a 5-star resort that’s budget friendly with room rates starting at only US$107 per night for two people.Continue Reading

Phuket 5-star rooms with private balcony for US$231 per night

10904_14072610360020502066Compared to most resort vacation destinations, Thailand is one of the cheaper options. Some might feel that cheaper means poorer quality, but that is far from the case. In fact Phuket, Thailand’s signature beach vacation area, hosts resort after resort, most gifted with high marks, making your choice of which one for your vacation a very hard one indeed.

Traveling with family can make this decision even more difficult with plenty of added factors including the need for kid approved activities, rooms and meals. A great resort set on a stretch of Kata Beach, close to shops and is all around kid friendly, the Katathani Phuket Beach Resort is a 5-star resort that won’t empty out your bank account with rooms starting at only US$231 per night for two people.Continue Reading

Phuket 5-star rooms with Jacuzzi for US$258 per night

187030_14031418050018707468Thailand is a vacation destination loved by people from around the world, with visitors exploring the many different regions within the country. Though visitors do travel throughout the country, most prefer to stay in the southern region near the beaches and warm waters.

Due to this, Thailand’s prime vacation spot is none other than Phuket, a region filled with resort after resort, each catering to different types of guests. If you’re the type of traveler looking for a 5-star resort that won’t break the bank, then the Sea Pearl Villas Resort is the perfect one for you with room rates starting at only US$258 per night for two people.Continue Reading

Best Bangkok hotels in the Sukhumvit district for a short visit

JWMarriottRoomBangkok is a huge city both in population and in physical size, to the surprise of many first-time visitors. There are over 1,000 hotels in the city, which are spread through over a dozen different districts. If you are planning a short visit to Bangkok as part of a trip to Phuket or elsewhere in Asia, the Sukhumvit area is ideal in many cases.

The main tourist attractions are close to the river, but there aren’t many international-quality hotels in that area so most Western guests prefer this neighborhood because it’s very modern and tourist friendly. This is also where most of the Western expats live, at least those who work for foreign companies in Bangkok, so it’s a nice mix of tourists and new locals who speak English.Continue Reading