Phuket 5-star rooms with private pools for US$583 per night


As there are many different lovely luxury resorts spread out around Phuket, it’s easy to see why more and more travelers are choosing Phuket as their vacation destination each year. Not only is there a large amount of resorts to select from, but a large variety of differences between each resort.

Due to each resort’s differences, visitors will find that some cater more to their ideal vision of a vacation while others not so much. If you’re looking for an ultra luxury resort that’s a bit out of the way yet still provides a long list of romantic amenities and features, you’ll find a friend in the Paresa Resort Phuket. Though a stay here will set your wallet back a bit with rates starting at US$583 per night for two people, guest reviews detail that it is completely worth it.

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Phuket 5-star rooms with golf and fishing for US$111 per night

89442_15072916060033279475With a vast amount of resorts to choose from, Phuket is a tropical vacation just waiting to help you have the best vacation possible. Here you’ll find resort after resort, each with their own take on what a vacation should be. Some focus on relaxation, others on their proximity to nightlife, and others still, on their rooms and dining choices.

If you’re looking for a resort that focuses on all of the above with the added bonus of a long list of fun and adventurous outdoor activities, then you’ll want to take a good look at the Millennium Resort. With rooms starting out at only US$111 per night for two people, you’ll find amenity after amenity alongside tons of fun activities to enjoy and partake in every day of your stay.

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Phuket 5-star rooms with boat access, fishing and a spa for US$155 per night

santhiya-koh-yao-yaiTraveling to Phuket anytime soon? If so, you’re sure to find a plethora of great hotels and resorts to choose from as you research the area. You’ll also find that these accommodation options do vary quite a bit from one to the next. Some are close to it all while others are more secluded, some are family friendly where others prefer only adult guests.

If you’re looking for both a family friendly and adult friendly Phuket resort that thinks outside of the box, you’ll want to take a look at the Santhiya Koh Yao Yai Resort & Spa. Though still considered part of Phuket, this resort is actually located on a little island that’s a 20 minute speedboat ride away. With that said, you’ll find all the amenities and activities you could want as well as rooms starting out at only US$155 per night for two people.

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Phuket 5-star rooms with breakfast included for US$124 per night

529309_14032009060018777697With resorts at every turn, finding the right one for you during your Phuket vacation can be a challenge at best. From resorts on the beach to those across the street, from those next to the nightlife to those hidden away from it all, there are plenty of choices to select from. An added bonus is that most of these resorts pridefully carry 4 and 5-star ratings, allowing you ample opportunity to enjoy a rather luxurious stay.

If you’re looking for a 5-star resort with ocean and cliff views from your very own private balcony along with dining, activity and amenity choices, you’ll find exactly that in the U Zenmaya Phuket Resort. Here, you’ll also find rooms starting out at only US$124 per night for two people with breakfast included.

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Phuket 5-star rooms with a spa and a golf course for US$352 per night

10884_16050911250042158344Serving as a fantastic vacation destination for those who wish for fun in the sun, Phuket is a great choice for both adults and families. Though most visit for the beaches, once here you’ll find that Phuket is much more than white sand. In fact, travelers will find a plethora of activities, both in and out of the ocean, that are suitable for a number of different ages. Along with activities, you’ll find a nice assortment of resorts to choose from as well, including the super luxurious.

If you’re looking for a resort that caters to both children and adults alike, as well as one that provides unique fun with golf and other nearby or on-site activities, you’ll find the Banyan Tree Resort Phuket to be a great fit. With rooms starting out at only US$352 per night for two people, this luxury resort is a hard one to beat.

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Phuket 5-star rooms with kid friendly activities for US$221 per night

535977_15113018160038131021With a rather large assortment of hotels and resorts to choose from, Phuket is fast becoming a top choice vacation destination, and rightly so. With white sand lined beaches, palm trees, coastal cliffs, resorts that direct themselves right up to the beach and a nightlife worth enjoying, Phuket offers a little something for everyone.

However many resorts there are to select from, if you’re looking for a resort with both cliff and beach views, soft airy rooms and a selection of both kid and adult friendly activities, than you’ll find a home in Point Yamu Resort by COMO. At this 5-star resort, rooms start at only US$221 per night for two people.

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Phuket 5-star rooms with a spa and pool view for US$143 per night

With a plethora of 4 and 5-star resorts to choice from, both on and off the beach, it’s easily understandable if you’re having trouble finding the perfect resort for your upcoming trip to Phuket. Things to take into consideration are whether or not the resort offers an on-site spa, on-site dining options and a pool. Room views are also very important as they can widely vary from resort to resort.

If you’re searching for a resort that’s on the beach, offers several pools to enjoy alongside dining options and a 5-star spa, then you’ll be delighted with La Flora Resort Patong. With rooms starting off at only US$143 per night, you’ll find yourself being treated to the high life in a 5-star resort that’s located directly on the beach.

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Phuket 5-star rooms with speedboat access and a spa for US$262 per night

When most people plan their Phuket vacation, they seek out a resort by the beach, or at least one within a sort walking distance to. These beach side resorts are a great option for most with ocean views, adventurous activities, dining options and possibly a spa. However, did you know that there is another great option close by?

Located a 20 minute speedboat ride away on a private island, The Naka Island a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa offers its guests a tropical escape complete with good food, great rooms, impressive ocean views and a plethora of land and sea activities that will make it hard to leave. Designed with singles and couples in mind, all this can be had starting at a low nightly rate of US$262 for two people.

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Phuket 5-star kid friendly rooms with full kitchens for US$110 per night

97037_15081310440034181575If you’re searching for a Phuket resort that features a spa, dining options, Wi-Fi, a pool and air conditioning, you’ll find that you have lots of 5 and 4-star options to choose from. Because of this, choosing the right resort for you might take a little longer than you expected, which in a sense, isn’t a bad problem to have.

However, to make things a little easier, those who are wishing for a resort that caters to all types of travelers, including those with young children, will find a solid choice in the Outrigger Laguna Phuket Resort Villas. These villas are not only very large in size compared to other resort suites located in Phuket, but offer 5-star amenities throughout, including a full kitchen with granite counter tops. The cherry on top are the resort rates. A guest here will find rooms starting off at only US$110 per night during the summer.

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Phuket 4-star rooms with a spa for US$60 per night

168873_13061915080013360441Welcome to Phuket, or as many would call it, paradise. Here you’ll find pretty much everything. From nightlife to shopping, to snorkeling to a relaxing day at the spa, Phuket offers a wide selection of activities that help to cater to every single type of traveler that visits the area. Because of all the area offers, both resorts and hotels of every star vie for your attention with amenities, activities and features, each hoping to grab your attention and attract your business.

However, if you’re looking for a 4-star resort that offers great room choices, a spa, a restaurant and various amenities that’s also nearby to area attractions, then The Nap Patong Hotel is the clear winner. Not only will you find yourself staying in a great hotel, you’ll also be paying a low nightly rate. Rooms here start off at only US$60 per night.

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