Phuket 5-star rooms with speedboat access and a pool for US$227 per night

One of the characteristics that make Phuket such a great vacation destination is the variety of hotels and resorts that the island houses. Here you’ll find pretty much everything, from hotels and backpacker hotels to luxury resorts that cater to those with romance in mind. You’ll also find several great Phuket family friendly options as… Continue Reading

Phuket 5-star family friendly rooms with a water slide for US$257 per night

There are numerous resorts and hotels that line the beaches of Phuket, as well as those who have been situated a bit inland from the beach. Because of this, visitors from around the world are welcomed to a vacation destination offering a variety of accommodation choices, making it nearly impossible to not find your perfect… Continue Reading

Phuket 5-star rooms with a spa and yoga for US$308 per night

Increasing in popularity year after year, Phuket is fast becoming a top tropical destination for those seeking a great time in the sun while next to the ocean. Here you’ll find lots of different things to experience, such as scuba diving, snorkeling, a plentiful nightlife and a few different adventure focused tours.You’ll also find a… Continue Reading

Phuket 5-star rooms with kid friendly activities for US$221 per night

With a rather large assortment of hotels and resorts to choose from, Phuket is fast becoming a top choice vacation destination, and rightly so. With white sand lined beaches, palm trees, coastal cliffs, resorts that direct themselves right up to the beach and a nightlife worth enjoying, Phuket offers a little something for everyone. However… Continue Reading