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6 Best 5-star Phuket resorts in and near Karon Beach

There are several different beach sections in Phuket, with some being more lively than others. A famous beach area that’s known for having a little bit of everything for everyone is Karon Beach. Here you’ll find soft white sand beaches, shops, restaurants and hiking opportunities alongside island hopping and ocean excursions.

You’ll also find a number of small and large resorts spread around the area, some in the hilltops overlooking the beach, some right across the street and others backing straight up to the beach itself. These resorts may vary in size, amenities, nightly rate, amount of privacy offered and location, but they all have one thing in common- a great view of Karon Beach.

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8 Best 5-star Phuket resorts in and near Kata Beach

Phuket is known for having everything you could want and need under the sun. Here you’ll find white sand beaches, island excursions, shopping, nightlight and restaurants galore. But as with any region in the world, some areas offer activities and amenities that differ from the next.

A popular choice among travelers from around the world, Kata Beach offers shopping, nightlife, various restaurants serving local and international dishes, kid friendly activities, romantic getaways and of course- a white sand beach hugged by the ocean. There are also several resorts that are located right on Kata Beach as well as nearby, all offering great rooms at a great price.

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7 Best Phuket luxury resorts near shopping

Phuket is home to gorgeous beaches, beautiful lush hills, great island hopping and your choice of local and international dishes. It’s also home to the largest and most modern shopping center in the south of Thailand, the Jungceylon shopping mall. Here you’ll find 200,000 square meters of international shops and restaurants to choose from.

Though many of Phuket’s luxury resorts do house some form of shopping on-site, whether it be a gift shop or small boutique, most will find that in order to find a good amount of gifts to bring home for you and your friends and family, you’ll need to visit a large shopping arena. Luckily you don’t have to travel far to reach the shopping mall as there are several top choice resorts nearby that offer you easy access to both shopping and the beach.

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Best 5-star Phuket resorts for golfers

Though Phuket Island is known for resorts catering to their guests’ every need with spas, fitness centers, cooking classes and an endless array of available nearby outdoor activities, there is still one thing that most resorts are missing- the internationally famous game of golf.

However, there are a few select 5-star luxury Phuket resorts that either have some form of golf within the resorts bounds or a conveniently placed golf club nearby. These resorts also have other activities on-site, great for traveling groups who may have a few members wishing to sit out on a golf game or two.

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7 Best 6-star Phuket ultra luxury resorts

While the standard hotel rating system only goes up to 5-star Deluxe, Phuket Island has many resorts that easily deserve a 6th star. The island has about 65 5-star hotels, including over a dozen that are some of the best resorts in all of Asia if not the world.

We’ve compiled a list of the finest of them, and all the resorts listed below consist of suites and villas only, so they attract an exclusive clientele even though prices at many of them are quite modest considering the size and private pool for each villa. A few also provide 24-hour private butler service, just to make sure each guest is as pleased as possible during their stay.

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9 Best Phuket resorts near the airport

As the largest island in Thailand, Phuket has over 1,000 resorts and hotels that are spread on over a dozen beaches. The island is nearly 50 kilometers from north to south, with most of the crowded areas near the south, while the airport is way up north. As a result, many people prefer Phuket resorts near the airport for a few different reasons.

The most obvious reason to choose a resort near Phuket International Airport is that it will take less time and cost less money to get there, and for a stay of only a few nights that’s worth considering. However, the beaches nearest the airport are also the most secluded and most relaxing on the island, as well as home to many of Phuket’s best overall resorts.

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9 Best Phuket luxury resorts with private pool villas

While Phuket Island is known for having some of the most beautiful tropical holiday beaches in the world, there’s something endlessly appealing about also being able to swim in a crystal freshwater pool. For the ultimate in luxury, many resorts are building private pools for each villa for a combination of privacy and convenience that it’s hard not to love.

Not surprisingly, most of the best and highest rated Phuket resorts have pool villas, not even counting the many that offer a private pool with their best one or two suites. The good news is that the best of these resorts are a mix of beachfront locations and gorgeous hillside locations, so you can choose the style that fits you best. Continue Reading

9 Best Phuket 5-star resorts on the beach

Phuket is a large island known for many of Thailand’s best and most famous beaches, but only a small percentage of its thousand or so hotels are actually on the sand. Even with about 60 five-star hotels in Phuket, more than half of them have large suites and villas perched on hillsides overlooking the sea, but without direct beach access.

So for Phuket visitors who want to stay at a luxury beach resort, we’ve combed through all the finest hotels on the island to create the list below. Each of these resorts is either on the sand itself, or so close that guests can get there in only 1 or 2 minutes on foot. All of these resorts also have wonderful pool areas, and some with private pools at the villas, but those who love the sand and sea prefer a proper beach location, and these are the best of the best. Continue Reading

7 Best luxury resorts in Patong Beach, Phuket

Patong Beach in Phuket is one of those places that people tend to either love or hate. On this beautiful and touristy island, Patong is by far the most developed and commercial, and that makes it ideal for many things and terrible for others. Finding a really nice luxury resort in the Patong Beach area can be tricky, because the town is dominated by 2-star and 3-star guest houses around the edges, and loud bars and nightclubs in the center.

The good news is that Patong Beach does have at least 5 proper 5-star luxury resorts in quiet areas that are still very close to the action. A few of these are a short walk from everything, while a couple others are in the hills overlooking the city, so with a 5-minute taxi ride you could be in the mix and you still have a relaxing place to sleep and sunbathe during the day. Continue Reading

9 Best 5-star Phuket resorts for honeymoons and romantic couples

The island of Phuket is one of the world’s premier tropical holiday destinations, with more than 1,000 resorts and hotels, but that can make finding the perfect one a bit complicated. There are over 60 Phuket resorts that are rated as 5 stars, ranging from pleasantly luxurious to totally over the top. If you are taking a romance holiday like a honeymoon you’ll want to stay at a resort that is designed for couples rather than for families with kids.

Below you’ll find the 8 best Phuket resorts for honeymoon couples, based on value, location, and strong guest reviews. If your funds are limited you’ll be happy to see that many of these are in the lower price ranges as well, and during the low season months many of them offer amazing value. Continue Reading