Phuket 5-star resort with a yoga studio and golf for US$319 per night

Most of the resorts on Phuket offer at least a few good amenities to choose from and enjoy during your stay. Some resorts, however, put a higher investment into their features, helping to create that ‘wow’ factor. One of these such resorts is the Banyan Tree Resort Phuket.

At this resort you’ll actually find that you’re a part of a large ring of resorts, 9 in total. This is called the Laguna Phuket area. In this community of resorts you’ll find a full golf course, yoga studios, a kids club, and much, much more. All this starts out at just US$319 per night for two people.

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Phuket 5-star resort with restaurants, a pool, and a spa for US$256 per night

If you’re looking for a resort that offers good value for their rooms, a few on-site activities, and close proximity to area attractions, then you’ll find that you’ve got a lot of resorts to choose from. This is because Phuket offers a lot of great accommodation options that truly do cater to a traveler’s needs, and wants.

One of these options is the Sala Phuket Resort and Spa in the Mai Khao area. With a total of 79 rooms, this resort offers a solid choice of room selections, a few on-site dining options, a spa, and three different pools. All this starts out at just US$256 per night for two people.

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Phuket 5-star family friendly resort for US$183 per night

Because there are truly dozens of Phuket hotels and resorts to choose from, it can easily take hours upon hours to search through them all. In the end, it’s not surprising if you find yourself exhausted from the research process. To help you avoid that altogether, we’ve been providing bi-weekly deals so that you can get the best deal possible, quickly.

This week we’re focusing on a family friendly option. The Katathani Phuket Beach Resort offers almost 500 rooms right off of Kata Beach. On-site you’ll also find a kids club, a few different pools, both for adults and children, lots of dining and bar options, a spa, various classes and lots of activity choices. All this starts out at just US$183 a night for two people.

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Phuket 5-star rooms near golf for US$225 per night

Phuket resorts and hotels come in all different sizes, types and price ranges. Some are small, some are on the beach and others are budgeted for the backpacker type. If you’re searching for a resort that’s highly rated, part of a major resort chain, offers access to dozens of amenity options, and is suitable for romantic couples, business personal and families, then you’ll find that the options dwindle down quicker than you may like.

With that said, you’ll be very happy to find that the JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa is exactly what you’re looking for. A rather large resort with 265 rooms to choose from, 14 different dining and drink options, and a vast array of activities to enjoy on-site and in the nearby area, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better value. That’s because you can get all this starting off at only US$225 per night for two people.

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Phuket 5-star rooms with a spa for US$266 per night

When researching Phuket hotels and resorts, you’ll find that there are several different choices. Some resorts are situated off the beach, some close to the airport and others directly on the beach offering their guests lovely views of the ocean beyond.

Though you may think that beach side resorts are out of your budget range, there are a few choices that offer nightly rates, even with taxes and fees added on, that fit nicely into a smaller budget. One such resort is the Aleenta Resort. Here you’ll find a private beach, an on-site spa and close proximity to area attractions such as the Phang Nga Bay National Park with nightly room rates starting out at only US$266 per night for two adults.

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Phuket 4 1/2-star rooms with a private pool for US$225 per night

Phuket hotels and resorts come in a wide range of prices. Some resorts appeal to those looking for the most luxurious options out there, while others are designed to be on the cheaper side, without losing their touch of class. If you’re looking for a resort that falls somewhere in the middle of cheap and expensive, then you’ll find quite a few great options to select from.

One of these said options is the Malisa Villa Suites Hotel. Here you’ll find 41 different rooms to choose from, each in the 5-star category. You’ll also find that each room caters with its own private swimming pool, open air rain-shower and more. Making this even more appealing is that all this starts off at just US$225 per night for two people.

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Phuket 5-star rooms with a private pool for US$194 per night

One of the many reasons that Phuket has achieved such a high status in the travel world is the plentiful amount of resorts offered to visiting travelers. Not only are there lots of resorts and hotels to choose from, but there are lots of different locations to select from as well. This means that if you’re looking to be right in the mix of it all or located near the airport, you’ll be able to find at least a few resorts to sort through.

If you’re looking for a resort that is more remote, yet still offers plenty of impressive amenities for various types of travelers, then you’ll want to take a look at the Villa Zolitude Resort & Spa. Here you’ll find 5-star rooms starting at only US$194 per night for two people.

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Phuket 5-star rooms with a mini bar and a swimming pool for US$145 per night

When looking through the assortment of resorts and hotels available in Phuket, you’ll find that the selection is pretty impressive. Some resorts are large and cater to all types of travelers, including those with children while others are more suited for visitors seeking a romantic vacation. Because there is such a large variety, it’s not surprising to be a little overwhelmed in your search.

If you’re looking for a resort on the smaller side, then you’ll want to check out the Beachfront Phuket Hotel. Here you’ll find 9 rooms tastefully laid out, as well as a pool, restaurant and beach area. All this starts out at only US$145 per night for two people.

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Phuket 5-star rooms with room service and yoga for US$472 per night

There are plenty of resorts to choose from on Phuket, some more fitted to those with smaller budgets and others that cater to vacationers with larger bank accounts. If you’re right in the middle, you’ll find that the selection is still pretty large, making it so that you should have no problem finding the right resort for your vacation style.

A great resort to look at is the Banyan Tree Resort. With 135 rooms to choose from in 5 different categories, you’ll find that luxury surrounds you in each. But not only are the rooms themselves appealing, but the entire resort. Here you’ll find a golf course, several dining choices and activities including cooking classes and yoga. All this starts off at US$472 per night for two people during the month of November.

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Phuket 5-star rooms with a full kitchen and spa for US$96 per night

With a large amount of resorts and hotels to choose from, Phuket is a great choice for families and couples who like choices. Here you’ll find a variety of accommodation options ranging from small, private boutique resorts to large resorts that cater to those looking for lots of activities all in one place.

If you’re not concerned about privacy during your stay and instead are looking for a resort that offers a plethora of amenities and activities, then you’ll want to strongly consider the Outrigger Laguna Phuket Resort and Villas. This large resort is great for groups and families as it is part of the Laguna Phuket complex, making it so that guests have easy access to everything included in the complex. Helping to make this particular resort even more attractive is the nightly rate. Here you can secure a one bedroom apartment with rates starting out at only US$96 per night.

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